Emergency Preparedness – Can’t Afford a Maid? Think Again.

   Helen Free VanderBeck of Idaho Falls, Idaho, said it best in her article in the March, 1983, issue of the Ensign, entitled The Reason for Toasters:
   “There was a time when it took a father and mother and all their children an entire spring, summer, and fall to provide food and shelter for the family until the next harvest.  Then the Lord said, ‘Be a missionary.  Store a year’s supply of food.  Search out your genealogy and write your family history.  Teach your children.  Care for the fatherless and widowed, and work at the welfare farm.  Attend the temple once a month.  Read the scriptures every day as well as the Church magazines and your Sunday School lesson.  Care for your parents.  Be active in community affairs.  Have family prayer twice a day and family home evening once a week.’
   Then the Lord provided families with vacuums and dishwashers and tractors and telephones and toasters and freezers and cars so that it could all be done.”

   Good tools multiply individual capabilities manifold times. Quality servants make jobs easier and fun.
   For more information contact (your emergency preparedness specialist).

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