“Mayday, Mayday, Mayday – Pachyderm 37 is going down.”

“Mayday, Mayday, Mayday – Pachyderm 37 is going down.”

     Pachyderm 37, a Chinook helicopter of the 101st, was going down with its back end on fire.

     I was headed for the barn.   I had cheated death for 976 combat flying hours in Vietnam.  I was going home tomorrow.  Before I could channel change to the emergency frequency, the response came:  “Pachyderm, this is King 6.  We have you!”  I knew my assistance would not be needed.

      Every radio net has a designated emergency frequency that all aircraft monitor, but no one uses unless there is a life-threatening emergency.  On UHF it is 243.0 HZ, or GUARD frequency.  King 6
was the ultimate command authority orbiting in a C-130, 24/7 for rescue and recovery. . . the last voice some ever hear . . . GOD ON GUARD as every pilot referenced with reverence.   

     No sitcom or soap drama here.  You may cry during a soap opera, but you never pray.  When it’s real, men do both – before, during, and after these kinds of events.

     “Pray as though everything depends on the Lord, but work as thought everything depends on you,” said A. Theodore Tuttle.  We can hear God speak anytime if we stay tuned to the right frequency.
Our real test is to see if we will do the things we pray for.  GOD HAS ALWAYS BEEN THERE.
      For more information call (your emergency preparedness specialist).


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