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Saturday, May 13th, 2006

Emergency Preparedness –

   Feel like you are getting older and you can’t do much about it?  75-80 million Americans will reach retirement age in the next 10 years and services for the aging will increase.  If you don’t need them now, you will – or someone you know will (mom, dad, uncle Harry, your Home Teaching or RSVT widow).

   Foresightful Senior Directories is the first Utah publication to make available a listing of State, Federal, and private service providers under one cover.  Focusing on the 55+ age group, they cover Salt Lake, Utah, Wasatch, Summit, Davis, Morgan, and Weber counties, and are soon to cover Tooele County as well.
   Easy to read Calendars, discount coupons and senior activities are included with alphabetical information from Adult Day Care to Veterans Services, health hotlines to volunteer programs.  Web access for your free directory, or for further information contact (your emergency preparedness specialist).

Command and Control

Saturday, May 13th, 2006

Emergency Preparedness – Command and Control

  Have you ever been so upset that you couldn’t find words?  As stress escalates, the powers of reason and communication diminish so much so that to find relief some will fixate on something totally removed and unrelated to the immediate need.  This response mechanism can be good or bad, . . . fight or flight.
   A combat pilot, exiting his craft wearing his survival vest, pointed to a zippered front pocket and said:  “if I ever crash, the first thing I’m going to do is sit down and eat this king sized candy bar.  I’ll need the quick sugar energy, the soothing chocolate, and the long-term protein from the peanuts to not run away, but start to work and survive.  This Baby Ruth is brain food.  I will be in command and under control.”
   What program do you have to meet an emergency head-on?  Will your first focus be to insure that you act rather than react to the problem?  Can you swing into action, or will you be overcome by emotion?
   Emergencies can be tongue-tying.
   For more information contact (your emergency preparedness specialist).

Pain Remedies

Tuesday, April 18th, 2006

     The sports world is always reaching for new highs in pain.  “No pain, no gain,” we are told.  A popular athletic shoe ad says “sometimes you just have to break the rules.”  Some sports today push limits so far as to be near death experiences.  The pain is so great, if you aren’t dead, you will wish you were. 

      Pain is a great teacher because it leaves no doubt as to when we have surpassed limits or broken rules.  Divine guidance councils us to “live within the bounds the Lord has set.”  Stay in bounds.  Live pain free.  Spiritual and physical pains find remedy within the Lord’s plan.

     In your preparedness program consider the following pain relievers:

·         food — nothing is more painful than a hungry child.

·         Clothing — to comfort the cold and naked.

·         freedom — from debt and overspending.

·         daily scripture study — you have to know the limits.

·         inventory — Ibuprofen, prescription meds, ear and toothache remedies and consecrated oil in your first aid supplies.

     If you do what you’ve always done and get pain, check and change the causes through better choices.

     For more information, call (your emergency preparedness specialist).


Water Storage

Saturday, March 25th, 2006

Let’s review the elements of water storage. Consider each of these essentials:

1. Containerization. “Food safe” polyethylene plastic vessels transfer no flavors and should be airtight and heavy gauge to insure against leakage or breakage.

2. Filling. A “food safe” plastic hose must also be used. If a garden hose is used, it’s hosey taste will be amplified over time to render the stored water unfit to drink.

3. Decontamination or sterilization.  Boiling or adding 1/4 tsp. chlorine bleach per gallon of clean, culinary water kills algae, molds, spores, fungus, etc., that are found in tap water and will keep your supply from changing on the shelf. Put away right, stored water need not be rotated or refreshed.

4.  Filters. . . do not purify water, but do remove things that make it look, smell, and taste bad.  Passed through a final activated charcoal or ceramic filter, water will taste good, making a filter a most desirable tool for water processing.

5. Quantity. Consider 1+ gallons of water per family member per day. You’ll never have too much.