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Take the Stairs, Not the Elevator

Saturday, May 13th, 2006

Emergency Preparedness – Take the Stairs, Not the Elevator

   No two people react to an emergency in the same way.  When adrenalin hits your system, emotion easily overrides logic and you may do things that can make your rescue far more difficult.  To go down was the correct choice in the NYC Twin Towers disaster of  9/ll, but most were dissuaded by smoke in the stairwells and either stood at the elevator doors, or went up to the roof.
   Training and experience provide the advantage for those who can keep their heads under stress.  Experienced people will also take the low-tech road whenever possible, too.  When one failure spawns others, an electrical outage not only stops elevators but also leaves you in the dark and trapped by automatic doors.   The roof brings hope of fresh air, but inordinate energy is needed for a helicopter rescue. 
      Modern fingertip push buttons have many forgetting they have hands and feet.  Gardening, bread making, and bicycling take more time than computer aided shopping and drive-up services.  The former, however, are based on self-reliance and personal power while the latter make us dependent on others — energy sources that are out of our control and may not arrive in timely fashion to save us. 

    Survival of the fittest means staying in shape and being alert to alternative solutions.  If you commute, a good pair of walking shoes and a flashlight are always good things to have to get you safely home.
   For more information contact (your emergency preparedness specialist).

Diets are Really Getting Ugly.

Saturday, May 13th, 2006

Emergency Preparedness – Diets are Really Getting Ugly.

   As June, 2005 came to a close, MTV Networks launched the newest of digital cable channels, especially designed to capture the “underserved” 10 million (estimated) viewer market of gays and lesbians.  Previously launched HERE TV was joined by ad-supported LOGO NETWORK (Ch. 263) to offer 24-hour  lifestyle programming to over 44 million American cable and satellite system homes.
   “There have been more gay characters and themes in television and film, but we haven’t had a home base of our own,” says Logo president Brian Graden to USA Today.  Advertisers including Miller Lite, Subaru and Motorola, have been “. . . frustrated by their limited advertising options,” says the same article.
   This problem(?) of the “last great underserved segment of the TV world” should remind parents to carefully monitor changing diets offered to the family.  Some molds, spores and fungus can be tasty eatables in a food diet, but spiritually deadly elements are in the LOGO diet.  You trust your grocer to know mushrooms from toadstools in your eatable diet.  Trust the prophets to know about spiritual diets.
   For more information contact Miller Lite, Subaru, Motorola, and MTV’s parent company Viacom.

Born 1930 thru 1960?

Saturday, May 13th, 2006

Emergency Preparedness – Born 1930 thru 1960?

   Hey, we survived!!!   . . . Without child proof cabinet doors and prescription bottles, lead based paints, riding in cars with no seatbelts or airbags, bicycles with no helmets, hitchhiking, drinking soda pop with real sugar in it from the same bottle as three other friends, Twinkies, Ding Dongs, and riding in the back of pick up trucks on a hot day because it was cool.  We survived coasters made of scraps of wood and running down the street forgetting we had no brakes.  We even survived BB guns and real firecrackers. 
   We didn’t have Play stations, Nintendo’s, X-boxes, video games, 99 to 120 channels on cable, and cell phones.  We weren’t overweight because we rode bikes or walked everywhere, made up games with sticks and balls, and sometimes had near death experiences just ringing door bells to ran away just for fun.
   Some got caught, some didn’t make the team after tryouts, some fell out of trees, and some even ate mud pies and worms.  Parents taught us how to deal with all this and be responsible for what was right.
   With freedom, failure, responsibility and imagination this generation produced an explosion of products, innovations and progress that made it easier for future generations to live with fewer risks.
   NOW, remember to check that your immunizations are up to date so you don’t catch something.   The County Health Department can help you with inexpensive shots and immunization information.
   For more information contact (your emergency preparedness specialist.)

The Wisdon of the Ages

Friday, May 5th, 2006

Emergency Preparedness – The Wisdom of the Ages.

     Diet supplements and weight loss remedies are a billion dollar business in the US.  Exercise programs and equipment are right up there, too.   Other countries, meanwhile, are busy doing other things.  Over the years focus has come and gone on vitamins, minerals, beta blockers, beta carotene, high carb, low carb, high protein, low fat, ephedra, MSG, MSM, and Cortislim – to name a few.  Abs crunchers, weight sets, stair steppers, Bowflex, Nordic Trac, Thigh Master, and even “running systems” (it’s hard to shop for an ordinary pair of gym shoes anymore if you are buying athletic socks at the same time) are a must if you want the perfect sculpted body that is fit, lean and trim.  Everyone should have a six-pack nowadays.
     Remember two things:  first, the items on the do eat list of foods in the Word of Wisdom are best for you and also have long shelf life when stored right; and second,  people with a regular exercise program “may live longer” to compensate for the entire time they wasted exercising.
     For more information contact (your emergency preparedness specialist).