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Emergency Preparedness – Can’t Afford a Maid? Think Again.

Thursday, December 14th, 2006

   Helen Free VanderBeck of Idaho Falls, Idaho, said it best in her article in the March, 1983, issue of the Ensign, entitled The Reason for Toasters:
   “There was a time when it took a father and mother and all their children an entire spring, summer, and fall to provide food and shelter for the family until the next harvest.  Then the Lord said, ‘Be a missionary.  Store a year’s supply of food.  Search out your genealogy and write your family history.  Teach your children.  Care for the fatherless and widowed, and work at the welfare farm.  Attend the temple once a month.  Read the scriptures every day as well as the Church magazines and your Sunday School lesson.  Care for your parents.  Be active in community affairs.  Have family prayer twice a day and family home evening once a week.’
   Then the Lord provided families with vacuums and dishwashers and tractors and telephones and toasters and freezers and cars so that it could all be done.”

   Good tools multiply individual capabilities manifold times. Quality servants make jobs easier and fun.
   For more information contact (your emergency preparedness specialist).

We Have to Pay Taxes, . . . don’t we?

Saturday, May 13th, 2006

Emergency Preparedness – We Have to Pay Taxes, . . . don’t we?

   “That which is taxed decreases, while that which is subsidized increases.”  Legislators know this rule well.  Governments need revenue, but will offer tax breaks to encourage things that promote self-sufficiency, valuable social and environmental policies, retirement, and charitable giving.
   If you knew that it only cost $.78 for every dollar you gave to charity, would you be more giving?  In higher income brackets, $.65 of every dollar given is all you will miss.  State and Federal taxes you would have lost, aren’t – and go with your contribution of take-home pay somewhere of your choosing.

   Tax sheltered money storage (retirement) plans are wise to participate in, and many can actually help you get out of debt by allowing you low interest loans of the assets.  You can own your own mortgage.
   Over 80% of all assets are owned by retirees over age 65 who can no longer save to beat taxes.  Charitable giving can still let them decide where untaxed money goes, thereby lowering their taxes and doing good where they see fit.  All expenses associated with donated time are also deductible.
   Blessings can follow giving, especially to those who give to 501-C-3 organizations.  Not for profit groups include all Churches and everything given in Tithing and Other Offerings is tax deductible. 
   Charitable giving today is better than during the Savior’s time.  Caesar offered no tax breaks at all.
   For more information contact your Bishop, CPA, financial or retirement plan administrator.

Things We Keep.

Saturday, May 13th, 2006

Emergency Preparedness – Things We Keep.

   I grew up in the late 40’s – baby boomer from practical, hard working parents.  My mother washed aluminum foil and reused it before recycling was ever a word.  Dad felt better in resoled shoes than  new ones.  Both were great at making do and fixing things – curtain rods, window screens, oven door, lawn mower, hem in a dress – things we’d keep.  That was our way of life, and it sometimes made me crazy.
   All that fixing, repairing, renewing:  I wanted just once to be wasteful.  Waste meant affluence.  Throwing things away meant you knew there’d be more.  A new replacement was always better.
   But some things you don’t throw away.  You learn to work hard, make do, and be grateful for good food, your marriage, children with bad report cards, adequate clothes and aging parents.  You see, if you strip away all that stuff that’s worth keeping, you’ll just accumulate a bunch of junk that’s not.  Plain and simple, the things we work for most we’re willing to give up least.  Conserve and preserve to keep your family together, regardless of the difficulties.  Food, clothing, and home – the rest is fluff.  Cherish, provide and spend time with the “keepers” in your life.   It will make your life important, and rich.

Self-sufficient Servants Survive.

Saturday, May 13th, 2006

Emergency Preparedness – Self-sufficient Servants Survive.

   There is nothing like an emergency to force people to make decisions.  Immediately, by action or lack of, people decide whether they will be survivors or victims.  Do nothing (that’s a decision) and you will probably die without outside help.  The most lethal element to survival is giving up on your self.
   Survivors require a self-sufficient attitude from education and/or experience.  People are willing to give up least what they have worked for most – first priority is they have to want to survive starting right now.
   One of the most important qualities of survival is selflessness.  When survivors are worried about others more than self they focus their energies to save them, and by so doing have greater reason to live.  They give more than they consume, worry less about the consequences, and actually strengthen from their service.  They feed their attitude and reason for living more than they feed their bellies.  Some sea survivors lasted twice as long without fresh water as others with whom they shared left the life raft and gave up.
   Prayer has been identified as a survivor essential – humbly acknowledging personal limitations while enrolling heaven to help self of others.  Survivors freely admit that divine guidance aided their survival.
   Everyday is practice day for doomsday.  Being a selfless servant is daily OJT for being a survivor.

“Live From the Gulf Coast” (22 Sept ‘05) by Melba Cox

Saturday, May 13th, 2006

Emergency Preparedness – “Live From the Gulf Coast” (22 Sept ‘05) by Melba Cox

   Pensacola, Florida:  “We are hangin’ in here!  “Rita” is an SEH storm so far.  “Somebody Else’s Hurricane.”  I feel for the Louisiana and Texas people this weekend.  (24 Sept ’05)  Our wards have been sending out work parties (since 29 Aug ’05 to clean up Katrina) of 7+ each weekend until now.  They don’t want us on the roads this time, due to so many people trying to evacuate (ahead of Hurricane Rita) on the interstates.  There have been great missionary opportunities down here.  One Newspaper commented (after last Fall’s hurricane ‘Ivan’) that “there were two churches that stood out above all the rest when it came to helping the hurricane victims.  One was the Mormon Church and the other was the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. . .”  We feel privileged to serve.”

   Do you have enough and to spare?  Are you prepared to be the answer to someone else’s prayers? 

   For more information contact (your emergency preparedness specialist).

Chill Out.

Friday, May 5th, 2006

Emergency Preparedness – Chill Out.

     Wayne Dyer has long been a voice for simple planning and stress-free living.  Here are a few thoughts:
1.        Understand that you are the source of your stress.  I have so many things to do that I can never get caught up.  I can never get ahead in this job.  I worry about my health problems.   I feel uneasy about the economy, and have lost so much money already.  My family members are making me feel anxious and fearful.  I don’t deserve to feel good when so many are suffering.
2.        Return to your happiest moments.  Happy memories are your well-deserved heritage and a safety net for comfort.  Gratitude can replace worry as you count your blessings.
3.        Stop taking yourself so seriously.  Next time you are anxious about something, take a step back and ask if it is worth getting worked up about, or what effect it will have by this time tomorrow.
4.        Realize you will never get it all done.  Look at this “less than” view as coming from a world of abundance, not poverty.  Be grateful for every opportunity and simply do what you can.
5.        Meditate.  Take time to ponder life’s servings for a more enjoyable meal.  Remember, you decide whether it’s escargot or snails, caviar or fish eggs, and hamburger or ground cow parts.

“…that the church may stand independent above all other creatures beneath the celestial worlds.” (D&C 78:14)

Friday, May 5th, 2006

Emergency Preparedness – “. . .that the church may stand independent above all other creatures beneath the celestial worlds.”  (D&C 78:14)

(From J. Thomas Fyans, of the Presidency of the First Quorum of the Seventy, Gen Conf., April 3, ‘82.)

“The Church can be no more independent than the collective independence of its individual members.  We fear that some may misunderstand the intent of the resources of the welfare program of the Church and fall into a false sense of security that will lead to reduced efforts toward self-sufficiency.  . . .All the efforts of the welfare program are directed to helping people become self-sufficient. . . .For the Church, as an organization, to be independent, it would basically have to duplicate the economy of the individual members.  This is neither practical, possible, nor prudent.  We have all been taught that dependence on the government is not good.  Neither is dependence on the Church – that principle runs as deep as free agency itself.”
     For more information contact (your emergency preparedness specialist).


Who Needs the PBGC?

Friday, May 5th, 2006

Emergency Preparedness – Who Needs the PBGC?

     United Airlines employees are currently asking:  “If my employer can’t afford my retirement benefits, who will take care of me?”
     The answer, of course, is the PBGC  (Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation).
     Currently holding about $33.2 billion in assets, a little known arm of the US Government is ready to insure benefits for qualified retirees if their company goes under.

     The future appears secure until one recognizes that the airline industry alone has over $55 billion in needed retirement trust funds, and most airline pensions are currently under funded.
     We always want someone else to be responsible, when the gospel teaches self-reliance and continuing trust in the Lord.  His servants remind us to get out of debt, live within our budgets and be home productive in filling our needs.  It also requires faith in Him, something that all of the resources of the PBGC cannot provide.  Faith can get us through if we trust in the Lord and do as He directs.
     Invest in your future each day by cultivating faith-building experiences.  That’s being prepared.
     For more information contact (your emergency preparedness specialist0.

72 Hour Emergency First Responder Kits – Conclusions.

Friday, May 5th, 2006

72-Hour Emergency First Responder Kits – Conclusions

     A group is only as strong as the poorest prepared person in it.  Individual skills, resources and tools are part of the intelligence we acquire through opportunities for learning.  The Doctrine and Covenants says that intelligence is made up of light and truth.  You can’t live by truth you don’t know, and “ . . . the time will come when you cannot live on borrowed light.”  Individual preparedness is essential if you are to be counted as one of the wise virgins in the last days:  one who is personally prepared and is willing to teach, but is unable to save another by lending their resources when time comes to an end.
     “Everyone will bring their storage to the Church and the Bishop will redistribute it to the needy in time of emergency,” said a poorly prepared neighbor.  If that were true, why not do it right now while there is time to replenish?
     Attitude, education and action define every life.  The gospel of preparedness simply helps us to have the highest quality of life through being prepared.
     For more ideas contact (your emergency preparedness specialist).

Support Our Troops.

Friday, May 5th, 2006

Emergency Preparedness – Support Our Troops.


     “To none is freedom more dear than to those who have bled and fought to preserve it.”
     The USO is a great organization few seem to know much about.  “Isn’t it a government program from World War II to entertain the troops,” questioned a traveler who saw their sign in a major US airport?
     Like the Boy Scouts, the USO is chartered by Congress as a non-profit public funded organization that provides essential and unique services to support servicemen and their families.  Operation Phone Home, cyber canteens, Operation Care Package, mobile canteens, fleet support centers, AND entertainment around the world are provided the troops.  Also, overseas community centers, childcare services, education programs and family centers are provided for dependents.
     The military has not only preserved us against foes, but has given great education and skills training to our men and women and to citizens of other countries in which freedom has had beginnings.  As warriors for basic human rights it is not hard to see why soldiers have opened doors for our LDS missionaries to follow with the gospel of agency and accountability.
     Watch for a USO next time you pass through a major airport.  Visit them at and help.
For more information contact (your ward emergency preparedness specialist).