“Unto What Were Ye Created?”

“Unto What Were Ye Created?”

     The present is shadow of our pre-existence, and type of our post-mortal experience.  That which we are progressing in now had its origins in the pre-existence and continues in the after life.

     Think about this – as sons and daughters of a Heavenly Father we were born to use divinely inherited powers to create.  We did before, can do now and can continue to create, and, if we do it right, what we create will endure in the eternities.  Living within the bounds the Lord has set requires closeness to Him to know the what, who, when, and where things He wants of us.  Why’s are sometimes left to faith until, at some future date, His direction becomes clear and we recognize that His prompting is never second best.

     The powers of self-sufficiency reside in learning, applying, persisting in and maintaining all that is good.  You are a prince or princess, god or goddess in training.  You don’t have to know everything, but you are expected to learn something and be self sufficient as a creator.  The opportunity to organize elements is the process of creation, not mortgaging your future for present gain and living off someone else.  There are no mortgages in heaven, and oh yes, it’s heavenly to live without a mortgage.

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