Vote, To Be “One Nation Under God.”

Vote, To Be “One Nation Under God.”

   We are admonished by the Lord to seek good men for public office who will uphold the constitutional laws of the land.  Likewise, the Book of Mormon prompts us to obey the God of this land, which if we do, we will be protected from all other nations under heaven.

   How we vote seems to have a lot to do with what we choose to do on Sunday.  Religious leaders of all faiths are encouraging everyone to come back to worship services.  People who spend their Sundays boating, at sporting events, concerts or other entertainment have done little to refresh spiritual powers.  Those who watch TV on Sunday fare even worse.   Commentators quibble about how unfair God-given laws are and sensationalize deviance.  The worst TV programs always seem to be on Sunday.  Few there are who stand aloft from lucrative Sunday contracts in the media or in sports and reverence the day. 

    Read DC 134, the Lord’s declaration on government, and vote accordingly.  In this nation under God, sovereignty rests with the people.  In America, everyone counts!  . . . unless you don’t vote.

   Cecil B. DeMille said it best:  “God gave us our freedom, and then gave us the commandments that we could remain free.” 

   To find your polling location contact (your emergency preparedness specialist).

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