Emergency Preparedness – Mother’s Maple Syrup

Emergency Preparedness – Mother’s Maple Syrup

Growing up I never knew that maple syrup came ready made in a 24 oz. bottle. Mom raised me right and I watched her make all our syrup from a small bottle of Mapleine imitation maple flavoring.

One 2 fluid oz bottle makes 24 pints of syrup along with nothing more than water and sugar. Adding corn syrup can thicken this pancake and waffle topping as thick as you want.

One cup water over two cups any kind of sugar, add ½ tsp. Mapleine and boil. Couldn’t be easier.

As a storage item big things come from this little bottle, and it is very inexpensive. My daughter had a first fight with her new husband first time shopping at the grocery. She quoted her Grandma:  “no Log Cabin Syrup in our house. It’s too expensive and it doesn’t taste as good as home-made. Put that back!”

It made me proud knowing she listened once or twice while we had her at home.

For more information contact (your emergency preparedness specialist).


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