Emergency Preparedness – Now You’re Cookin’ With Thermos

Emergency Preparedness – Now You’re Cookin’ With Thermos

Remember how important (and easy) Thermos Bottle cooking is as an emergency or daily way to overnight cook grains and legumes? Well, a Wide Mouth Thermos is still an essential use item. Here is all you have to remember about Thermos cooking:

  • If cooking grains, use two parts water to one part grain – 2:1 water to grain ratio.
  • If cooking legumes, use three parts water to one-part beans, lentils, etc. – 3:1 ratio.

Don’t forget to add salt and/or sweetener to taste, plus any other ingredients that add flavor. Bullion, TVP, dehydrated onions, herbs, and spices are going to cook right along with the main ingredients.

Get brave. Find out now how easy it is to cook this way and how to make basic stored items tasty. “Every day is practice day for dooms day.” Fight back against high cost processed cereals by eating what you inventory. You may find you’ll need more sugar if you really have to eat that stuff some day. From the important words sung by Julie Andrews: “Just a spoonful of sugar makes the roughage go down, the roughage go down, all that roughage go down, .  .  .   .    .    .” COME ON, EVERYBODY SING.   .   .

For more information contact (your emergency preparedness specialist).


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