Brown enriched flour

Brown enriched flour

     The first rule taught in US Forces Survival School is, “when living off the land, eat more protein.”  The second rule is “insects are nine times more nutritious than beef, pound for pound.”  The trouble is, it is hard to find a pound of the little critters.

     Many people ask if grain has to be rotated or thrown out if old or if bugs get into it.  Hold on to your tummies, now.  Sixty-five to eighty-five percent of the food value of wheat is stripped out in processing to make white flour.  That’s why it has to be enriched.  Cool, dark and dry stored whole grains can last for thousands of years.  The Egyptians hold the current record of over 4,000 years from whole grains recovered from pyramids.  The only difference between grain fed beef and grain fed weevil is survival school rule number two.  If you put weevily grain through a grain mill on a fine grind, you’ll get brown enriched flour.

     North Americans seem to be the only cultures finicky enough or overfed enough to worry about a few weevil.  You decide.  But remember if you’re squeamish, where have your bacon and pork chops been?

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