Comfort Zones

Comfort Zones

     Irving Berlin made the idea of a “White Christmas” a desirable, warm experience of the holiday season.  For 70,000 Utahns, neither was Christmas week of 2003 warm, nor was it desirable to be without power in the aftermath of the biggest winter storm in 20 years.  Some were cold for up to 7 days, with little food and drink.  Barbeques were brought indoors for heat, poisoning scores of ill prepared families.

     Look around and find seasoned, all-weather specialists who know how to prepare against the elements.  Sportsmen, farmers, truckers and builders know how to not just survive extremes of heat and cold, but they know foods, clothing, and shelter skills sufficient to remain productive.  To control simple liquids of life not only includes intake and output body functions, but in a preparedness sense means you HAVE A NO SWEAT PLAN that survives all kinds of weather.  Perspiration can kill you in cold weather.

     Winter warmth starts with quality hats, coats, gloves, pants, and foot ware.  Ask contractors and farmers what’s best and where to get it.  Get warm outfits for every member of the family – two or three sets if they are very active.  The rugged outdoors look may not be your style, but you’ll feel better if you are warm.

     For more information call (your emergency preparedness specialist).


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