Medical Moments

Medical Moments

     “My baby has been running at both ends for more than a week,” my Home Teaching young mother said when she brought her daughter to my home for a blessing before going to a doctor’s appointment. 

     “Did you know that chamomile and catnip teas can cure colic,” I asked?

     “Where were you when my first three kids almost died of colic,” she charged?

     As the baby nursed on the warm brew the blessing was given – and the doctor appointment never kept. 

     My own son’s badly burned hand was quickly bathed in aloe vera juice from the plant on our kitchen counter and put in a clean sock for a bandage, as just as quickly a Father’s blessing was administered.  This resulted in no lost sleep or scaring to the infant who had explored the curious glowing coil on the stove.

     “I have great concern for the time when the Saints will trust the medical practitioners more than the powers of the priesthood,” said Brigham Young.

     Whether the powers of faith or the skills of physicians, prepare with experience from both.  For consecrated oil and blessings, see your priesthood leaders.  For all else, call Nurse Line:  (800) 267-9476.

     For more information, call (your emergency preparedness specialist)


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