Old Fashioned Goodness

Old Fashioned Goodness

     Home canning is getting to be a lost art.  With prepared foods of such great variety and at such low relative cost in the supermarket, why go through the hassle of a hot kitchen to do a few quarts of fruits, vegetables, juices, or meats?

     I hear the same argument about gardening. 

     “Now, if I could can pizza or Big Macs, it might be worth it.  I’ll need those when times get tough.”

     Everything we learn comes to us through head, hand, or heart.  Academics can argue the importance of a degree.  It is still a fact that 90% of workers learn their jobs OJT – on the job training.   But, you don’t argue with heart trained – faith based — people.  When a prophet speaks, we ought to listen.  Heaven knows much has been said about learning self-reliant skills and how important having the tools of the trade is.

     “Everyday is practice day for doomsday.”  The severity of a community emergency can be seen at the store – whether the food goes quickly out the doors (3 days), or even quicker out the windows (3 hours).  What if you get there late?  Will your garden and home canned foods be more important to you then?

     For more information call (your emergency preparedness specialist).


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