Poison Control

Poison Control

     As technology distances us from the past, we not only become more dependant upon computer- controlled logistics, but we become more removed from self sufficient know-how of our pioneer heritage.

     In the winter of 1847, everything was in short supply after the pioneers first arrived in the Salt Lake Valley.  Imagine having to forage for all your needs.   Remember, vegetables do not come from a store, nor does milk come from a truck.  Cotton does not grow in the top of medicine bottles, and fried chicken doesn’t come in a Crisco can, as the label shows.

     Foreigners are bewildered in our supermarkets, lost in unimagined abundance.  But, if the power plug is pulled, all distribution systems come to a halt because we can’t read UPC codes.

     Be an urban farmer.  Our pioneer parents were.  Stay acquainted with nature – fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices – through productive landscaping.  Get to know how to grow.  If you don’t know what you’re eating, you better have an eatables program on your palm pilot, or keep the Poison Control Center phone number handy and your cell phone batteries charged.  THE POISON CONTROL CENTER NUMBER IS (800) 222-1222.

     For more information, call (your emergency preparedness specialist)


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