The Almighty Dollar

The Almighty Dollar

   On 2 November 1979, two days before Islamic radicals took over the Tehran Embassy with 66 US hostages, a senior official and his family were trying to escape by car to the west.  After four hours of driving, the man stopped to buy fuel and food for his family.  Tourists traveling abroad will attest that usually the American dollar can buy anything at any time in any country in the world.  Our currency is baseline in valuing all other currencies. 

   On that day every Iranian seemed to know the uneasy situation would soon shatter.  The man was able to buy gas, but even an offer of $100 for a box of oranges was flatly turned down.  He could obtain no food. 

   There is currently about $1.6 trillion in the domestic money supply.  The Eurodollar foreign money supply is estimated to be over 5 times that amount   Dollars are everywhere.  But Brigham Young said that the time would come when “. . . a bushel of gold will not buy a bushel of wheat.”  Is the issue here clear?

   Preparedness is knowledge, resources, and tools of need – food/water, clothing and shelter.

   Get it ?  Get it!!!!.

    For more information contact (your emergency preparedness specialist).


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