Deja Vu, All Over Again.

Deja Vu, All Over Again.

Emergency Preparedness – Deja vu, All Over Again.

     The Book of Mormon gives us over 2,600 years of history showing the struggles of three major civilizations with good and evil and the ultimate loss of the Saviors gospel in the Americas.
     In most major wars, the forward edge of the battle area (FEBA) has been on the frontier between two religions . . . Northern Ireland’s Catholics vs. Protestants, Hindus and Muslims in the Kashmir, Christians vs. infidels during the crusades, PLO vs. Jews in Israel, atheists vs. all believers under Nazi Germany or communist Russia and China.  Afghanistan, Bosnia and Vietnam are no exceptions.

     Every principle of the Saviors gospel points to service.  All service done in His name should be a reflection of His will.  Personal preparedness requires not only a testimony of His will, but the courage to do His will.  We need to be “. . .doers of the word, not hears only,” and in a service position to be saviors.

     My God is Savior of all Heavenly Fathers children.  His sacrifice for sin does not discriminate or eliminate anyone.  He gives us the choice . . . to prepare as Christians, or become Gadiantons.

     The battles go on.  Contact your emergency preparedness specialist for help.


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