Of Power Outages and Pipes

Of Power Outages and Pipes

Emergency Preparedness – Of Power Outages and Pipes


   Power outages in winter months not only make you uncomfortable when furnace controls are knocked out, but the important “liquid functions” of your life can get really messed up, too.

   The fuel company shuns the suggestion of turning on stovetop or oven burners as a heat source, or using kerosene heaters.  Open flame units consume oxygen for respiration and can dangerously foul unventilated interior environments.  However, fireplace or wood stove units are okay because they vent to the outside.

   Water supply and sewer pipes can freeze in prolonged outages unless heat can circulate under sinks and around pipes.  Close off rooms that don’t contain pipes, open bathroom and kitchen cabinets that do, and slightly open all faucets to permit a stream of warm water.   Gas water heaters still work without electricity.  Keep toilets thawed.  (Don’t need to say more about that).                                          

   Fill clean containers with water for drinking if prolonged freezing temperatures are expected.  Stored water in drums if in the basement will generally not freeze below ground, but you’ll worry over what’s in the garage.  That’s a reminder that things put away right will be usable when emergencies arises.

   For more information contact (your emergency preparedness specialist).


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