Sizable Seismic Events

Sizable Seismic Events

Emergency Preparedness – Sizable Seismic Events

   Worldwide 284,010 people died in 2004, and 89,354 in 2005, in earthquakes, Utah’s biggest threat.

   An earthquake is Mother Nature exercising her option to reshuffle resources.  She is quite regular about it, too.  During the week ending 2/3/2006, there were 146 quakes in the world of 2.5+, 62 quakes were greater than 4.0, and one was 6.7 on the Richter scale.  Of the total, 85 quakes were in the US with all but 22 being in Alaska (state motto:  we’ll make the earth move under your feet).  The 6.7 in Fiji was a SEW (somebody else’s worry).  But 13 in California and 2 in Nebraska put us in the realm of possibility.  Utah actually had 7 quakes in the last week, but each was under 2.5.

   Seismologists tell us we have a 1 in 4 chance of a 7+ quake within 50 years.  Utah just spent $200 million for seismic renovation on the capitol building and the LDS Church is doing the same kind of renovation on the tabernacle on Temple Square.  Consider your preparedness following these examples.
   Have a place for everything and everything in its place.  You won’t leave your resources after a rumble.  The most important thing is to know where to start digging to recover water, food, clothing and shelter.
   For information check out and see what Mother Nature is doing this week.

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