Strategic Resources

Strategic Resources

Some things are more important in your emergency preparedness program than others.  Think about what the immediate needs of those who witnessed the tidal wave that hit the Fukujima, Japan nuclear power plant and its’ environs.  FIVE MINUTES AFTER THE DISASTER, WHAT DO YOU THINK THE SURVIVORS THOUGHTS WERE ABOUT THEIR IMMEDIATE NEEDS? Consider:  “Where can I get a clean glass of water,” and shortly thereafter, “Where can I find a restroom that is still working?”

Remember the rule of 3’s: you can live 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food. If scared enough from the disaster, you may last 3 seconds, or 3 hours before needing toilet facilities, depending on how well you handle stress.  If a scarey movie makes you wet your pants, think what an 8.5 recter scale earthquake might do, and the first thing you’ll be looking for is your waterless Sanitation Kit, and the privacy of a springbar “Poopy Port” tent,  .  .  . you and all your neighbors when they see that you are prepared.

See the need and then proceed to get prepared. You’ll feel much better about yourself if the liquids of your life have been adaquately cared for, both in and out.

For further information contact: (your area Emergency Preparedness Specialist)

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