Go Bananas

Go Bananas

     The easiest way to peel a banana without a knife is to start at the bottom end instead of the stem.

     Did you know that bananas are not only great for energy, but are an exceptional source of potassium?  Additionally, home dried bananas will store until you have eaten them all.   I’m not talking about the sweetened with coconut oil and honey, crispy, tasteless, commercial dried bananas.  Home dried bananas need no sweeteners or preservatives, and their texture is wonderfully chewy and flavorful.

     The cheapest bananas are the best – the black dotted, ready for the dumpster type.  The sugars are not set until the pealing is getting spotty and soft.  Too mushy and they are hard to slice, but good for banana bread.  Bargain with the produce manager to take all he has and you can get them for as little as $.10 a lb.  Lay out ¼ inch slices so they overlap each other by 1/8 inch and when dry and stuck together, they will peel off the tray like a belt.  Hide them or they will be gone in a week, especially if you have candied them.  That’s a recipe for another week.  Good stuff like this you can’t buy.  You have to make it at home.

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