Little understood miracles about honey

Little understood miracles about honey

     The typical worker bee will fly a distance equivalent to circumnavigating the globe in its’ short life time as it gathers nectar.  The total production from that bee will make about 1/12 teaspoon of honey, of which the bee will consume about half to live.  That’s pretty good fuel mileage for any flying craft, especially one that is aerodynamically unstable and not suppose to be able to fly because of excess weight to lift ratio.

     The shelf life of honey is directly related to the container it is in.  Crystalized, it will store for centuries and will liquefy again if warmed.  Up to fifty percent water is added commercially to keep honey liquid to keep users happy, and to increase profits.  Smart users know that eating honey ameliorates allergies and eating sugar agitates them.  As one of nature’s most perfect foods, life can be sustained on honey alone.  The Old Testament does suggest expanding this modest diet to include locust for protein if you like.

     Grains, milk, honey, salt and water are the minimum storage basics.  Four of the five have super shelf life, and are really cheap.  Is there any reason why you can’t have food storage?  Can you beat a bee?

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