Give Big Rig Truckers a Brake. . .

Give Big Rig Truckers a Brake. . .

Emergency Preparedness – Give Big Rig Truckers a Brake. . .


   And they will probably wind up in the trunk of your car.
   Some interesting facts about those huge semi-trucks and those who drive them:

  • At 40 mph a partially loaded semi requires over 185 feet to stop.  A mini-van – 70 feet.
  • Professional drivers have 4:1 fewer accidents than other drivers.
  • There are 188 million vehicles on U.S. highways.  On the open Interstate about 40% are semis.
  • Semi drivers cannot log more than 70 driving hours in an 8-day period, and most do.
  • Most drive between 450-600 miles a day, or around 250,000 per year.
  • 77% of U.S. cities depend solely on trucking for getting goods to market.
  • It would take 5 days to bring the country to a standstill without trucking.

   After 9/11, 5,000 planes in the air were grounded by regulators in under three hours, and that industry was shut down for over a week.  We learned that what happens elsewhere quickly has local effects.  If regulators stopped all trucks for some reason, could you be self-sustaining until they get rolling again?


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