The 25-Cent Breakfast, by THERMOS

The 25-Cent Breakfast, by THERMOS

Emergency Preparedness – The 25-Cent Breakfast, by THERMOS.

   Grains and legumes can easily be cooked while you sleep, if you know this simple procedure.  Only grain, a 32 oz. wide-mouth Stainless Thermos bottle, and boiling water are needed.  Follow these steps:

  1. While boiling 3 cups of water, put ¾ cup of grain(s) in the Thermos.
  2. Add ¾ teaspoon salt and 1 Tbs. sweetener (sugar, molasses, honey, syrup, etc.)
  3. Pour in boiling water up to ½ inch of the bottom of the screwed-on cap, and shake the Thermos.

  ** If the grain(s) or legumes(s) are not fully cooked after six hours  (legumes may not be) simply drain the water off and replace with new boiling water, and a little salt.  Thermos cooking possibilities are endless.
   With a cup of sugar your cereal can taste just like store bought.  Better yet, add raisons, nuts, and other dried fruits for different texture, flavors, and food value instead of extra sugar.  It will curb hyperactivity.
   For more information contact (your emergency preparedness specialist).

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